Fishing in central Netherlands

The two places where we can go fishing include the Vinkeveen Lakes and the Eem. The area where we go fishing is dependent on weather conditions, the type of fishing day you have booked and the time of year.

For a good time

The Vinkeveen Lakes

A beautiful nature/recreation lake that is full of islands, nature reserves and fantastic fishing spots. It is a unique location with an insanely large amount of pike, perch and carp. Occasionally, with a bit of luck there are also some schools of large zanders that can be found. This lake is also known for having the cleanest and clearest water in the Netherlands. The Vinkeveen Lakes is divided into three lakes; the north lake, the south lake and the small lake, all very different to each other. The north lake is very deep (depths up to 60 meters) and there are also several sand/mussel banks where pike and perch are often hiding.

In contrast to the north lake, the south lake is very shallow (three meters deep at most points with a few pits of 12-15 meters deep). In this lake there are also many water plants that are often up to 10 meters long, making it possible to see them from the surface of the water. Many species of fish like to hide in between these plants.

On the small lake, the water is more turbid and there are many reeds and lily pads where the fish also like to spend some time.

Some typical fish species to see in The Netherlands (The Vinkeveen Lakes):

Esox lucius
Perca fluviatilis
Sander lucioperca
Cyprinus carpio carpio
Tinca tinca
Rutilus rutilus
Abramis brama
Anguilla anguilla
Blicca bjoerkna
Arctic char
Gasterosteus aculeatus aculeatus
Three-spined stickleback
Silurus glanis
Aspius aspius
Predatory bleak